Winter Window

Matt Cosby
Commission available
The Flight of Gulls From Fire
Ripped paper Tidelines Antarctic Sea Crab Planet Basement Melt Sea Wasp Nude #2 From A Shallow Sea Memories from Remote Islands Penguins Age Lines Alighting Lost Translation The Bird that Sings Because it Wants To. Cryptochromism The Cold After a Dream High Windows Neptune Sunset The Waves Collectors of Rare Specimens Reparations Fire on the Mountain Cloudseed The Trembling Valley What One Cobweb Said to the Other An Encounter Stay Here with Me Gardens Left to Grow Wild Fall Meditation Sighisoara The Trio Glacier Tail The Rings of Saturn Ghost with Feathers

Matt Cosby is twenty-seven years old and currently lives in Portland, Oregon. He studied Studio Art at Amherst College and has been drawing since he was four. His work is now featured in private collections in eleven states and four countries.

If you like a certain style or a piece that has already been sold, Matt can do commission work based on your preferences for size, color, and subject. You can email him at or call (904) 910-0682.